Forget The Lizards: David Icke Is Dangerous And We Should Take Him Seriously

David Icke is a former footballer and sports presenter who has been one of the world’s leading conspiracy theorists for over twenty years. He believes that an evil agenda is being enacted on the human race by the ‘Babylonian Brotherhood’ – supernatural reptilian overlords.

You know, the obvious stuff.

Icke believes that we are literally living in The Matrix. “We are like droplets of water in an ocean of…awareness. We are ‘individual’ at one level of perception but still part of the infinite whole.” He calls this the Infinite Awareness. Unfortunately for us these malign reptilian overlords are mucking the whole thing up. They project their extra-dimensional consciousness onto elite corporal hosts. The reptilian ‘human-hybrids’ have inveigled every nation and system on Earth, in order to fulfil their dastardly ambitions, where humans will soon be micro-chipped and live as slaves under their One World Government.

(To lighten the mood when trawling through this guff I find it helps to say One World Government in the American movie-trailer voice)

Icke’s politics today are combination of most of the dominant themes of contemporary neo-fascism, mixed in with a smattering of topics culled from the U.S. militia movement, European and Middle Eastern conspiracy theories and most recently (and predictably) Russian State propaganda. In America, for instance, he opposes gun control as a plot by the ‘elite’, which has deliberately orchestrated numerous mass shootings to whip up opposition to guns. 

Far-right daily’s such as Veterans today and White Supremacist site Stormfront are teaming with links to Icke’s articles and videos. In fact one cursory search on Veterans Today brings well over a thousand results for David Icke.

Icke is on a mission to educate and free the subjugated masses; he offers hope and freedom from the grip of our Satanic blood-drinking rulers. He assures us that if we can tune into the ‘Truth Vibrations‘ we can rise up as one against the reptilian overlords.

The problem is that these overlords are Jewish.

Well of course they are.

So how does a fascist ideologue incite hatred against Jews to sell-out crowds in Britain and get away with it? It’s the question the UK media has been neglecting or unwilling to answer and is the point of this hastily convened blog. Icke is playing to a sell out crowd in Manchester next week; a city with a large, thriving Jewish community dating back over a hundred years and one that I am a part of.

Yet I seem to have awoken in a world where extreme antisemitic rhetoric and incitement is ignored and deflected because the perpetrator also believes in aliens. A place where belief in ET precludes you from being a bigot. Perhaps we need to be more attentive to Icke when he unironically says ‘it’s time to wake up.’

Icke is in fact selling out stadiums worldwide and has been doing so for years; preaching ancient and modern antisemitic conspiracy theories and inciting his bewitched followers to rise up against these – mostly Hebrew  – totalitarian overlords.

Icke is more popular than ever: No other conspiracy theorist sells out to theatres and stadiums worldwide. He is clearly seen by many as simply ‘that bloke on Wogan who said he was the son of God.‘ Perhaps it would be more prudent to go with ‘he’s that Holocaust denier who spreads anti-Jewish hatred and neo-fascist ideology to sold out venues across the world.

Not quite as catchy, I know.

We seem to see Icke as a likeable fool rather than the dangerous individual he really is. As Justine Ehrlich pointed out to me.. ‘It’s the kind of crypto-fascism you need to get knee deep in to call, that in part is why it is so dirty.’

And no one is calling it out. If an Imam was publicly heard spouting 10 per cent of Icke’s repetoire the right-wing press would have a field day yet Icke preaches his psychotic malady to full theatres while barely a murmur of protest will be heard from anti-racist organisations and Jewish groups.

Icke is a mere footnote in the incisive and compelling works on conspiracy culture by David Aaronovich (Voodoo Histories) and Jonathan Kay (Among The Truthers). However it is rather telling that he gets more attention in Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke’s excellent work on far-right sects, Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and The Politics of Identity. Concerning Icke’s 1994 work The Robots Rebellion(Icke) combines an anti-elitist, ecological and spiritual gospel, the complete battery of far-right conspiracy theories and militia concerns: secret societies, Freemasons, banking and hidden elites, the New World Order, microchip control, extraterrestrials and gun control.

The corollary between Neo-Nazism/Fascism and New World Order conspiracism is well documented and was around a long time before David Icke. To see the attraction New World Order conspiracism has for Neo-Nazi groups Goodrick-Clarke writes, ‘By declaring war on a secret ruling elite that enslaves modern people, the conspiracy theorists invoke a lethal projection. The elite is identified as totalitarian, anti-democratic, contemptuous of the people; the people are portrayed as helpless, unsuspecting victims of viscous plots, alien abductions, implantation and all manner of personal violations…. Covert actions, violence, terrorism – all the means the elite stand accused of employing themselves – are permitted to the victims as well so they may exterminate the conspirators and recover their lost autonomy.’

This is why David Icke is a pin-up for some on the far-right but with his antisemitic ant-globalism he probably has more acolytes on the fringes of the far-left. Either way, he is undoubtedly a dangerous individual.

In The Robots Rebellion he borrowed heavily from Behold a Pale Horse by Bill Cooper – a UFO conspiracist who introduced Icke to The Protocols Of The Elders of Zion. The Protocols are a fabricated antisemitic document used by Czarist Russia to incite pogroms against the Jews in the early 20th century. (Much of Manchester’s Jewish community – including this author’s family – fled those very pogroms and found sanctuary in the city) In Germany, Hitler endorsed the Protocols and weaponised them. It was his Warrant for Genocide. This hideous document is the most malign and destructive conspiracy theory in human history. It was compulsory reading in schools for the Hitler Youth and instrumental in inciting the German people against the Jews. As historian Norman Cohn wrote in his book about the Protocols, “There exists a subterranean world where psychological fantasies disguised as ideas are churned out by crooks and half-educated fanatics for the benefit of the ignorant and the superstitious. There are times when this underworld emerges from the depths and suddenly fascinates, captures and dominates multitudes of usually sane and responsible people.

When asked about the Protocols Icke retorted, “Just because Hitler used the knowledge for negative reasons doesn’t reflect on the knowledge itself.” Indeed when Hitler himself was told beyond all doubt the Protocols were fabricated he responded, ‘Well that proves the Jews wrote it.’

The Robots Rebellion sold out and was reprinted twice. In his next books Icke began to flirt explicitly with Holocaust denial and lost his publishing deal as a result. In And The Truth Shall Set You Free Icke repeated his previous claims that the Protocols were true, and went on to state: “I strongly believe that a small Jewish clique which has contempt for the mass of Jewish people worked with non-Jews to create the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the Second World War…. They financed Hitler to power in 1933 and made the funds available for his rearmament.

He described the Nuremberg Trials as a ‘farce’ and went on.. “why do we play a part in suppressing alternative information to the official line of the Second World War? How is it right that while this fierce suppression goes on, free copies of the Spielberg film, Schindler’s List, are given to schools to indoctrinate children with the unchallenged version of events….The “All-Seeing” Jews, however, and their non-Jewish conspirators, use the smokescreen of “anti-Semitism” and the genuine suffering of real Jews to prevent investigation of their sinister activities.”

The internet is extremely thin on Icke’s antisemitism, apparently because no one can be bothered to trawl through his books and videos except the conspiracy theorists themselves. Will Offley has written a page on Public Eye and gathered more quotes from And The Truth Shall Set You Free; they can be found here.

That was back in February 2000 but precious little has been written about him in the intervening years. Since then Icke has immersed himself in anti-Zionist conspiracy theories, much of it from the Middle East, fusing them with old European antisemitic conspiracies of which there is an endless cultural reservoir. These days Icke’s Twitter timeline is heavily consumed by Zionism which he sees as the most malignant and destructive secret society on the planet.

After losing his publishing deal Icke was subsequently sued for defamtion in the US. He learned his lesson and has since avoided the word “Jewish” where possible. Instead; his books, videos and live shows refer to Rothschild Zionists, Kahazar/Sumerians/Ashkenazi or as he puts it in one of his recent texts The Global Conspiracy:- AshkeNAZI. In the same book he attempts to distance himself from his previous claims of a Jewish plot to control the world by saying there is a Jewish plot to control the world.

“I am not saying that there is a ‘Jewish’ plot to control the World. I am saying that their leading families are serious players in the reptilian bloodlines that have infiltrated all peoples and nations with the aim of manipulating themselves into power.”

Most recently Icke appeared on the BBC’s This Week as he embarked on his Wide Awake World Tour. He was asked about 9/11 and shape-shifting Lizards but any links to Neo-Nazi and neo-fascist groups were predictably ignored. Loathe as I am to criticise this programme; surely it would be prudent for politically high-brow shows such as This Week to hold Icke accountable for the extreme racial bigotry he propagates to sell-out crowds.

Much more menacing was an article published in the Independent during Icke’s last world tour. The journalist seems to have found the whole thing rather amusing, ‘It is all – largely – entertaining stuff, and clearly highly believable to many.’ Not one word in the article is given to the antisemitism explicit during said entertainment nor was it suggested that anti-vaccination conspiracy theories are inherently dangerous to the lives of children. All this and more was also ignored in a Mail online article published in July 2016.

Steve Mason, formerly of the sublime Beta Band, shows just how cool you can make Icke look. On his record Fight Them Back we hear an excerpt of David Icke talking about ‘reorganising society‘ spliced alongside Tony Blair saying ‘Libya is a goldmine of a country.’ Mason was challenged by one Twitter user at the time…


This is how Icke wins. How an audience at an Icke show will see right-on lefties sitting alongside far-right activists. It’s the conspiracy theory that glues these lost souls together with antisemitism the very marrow in their bones.

Pseudo-intellectual Russell Brand has broadcast several sycophantic conversations with Icke. Chummily discussing the nature of reality, media manipulation, globalisation; Icke is not only normalised, he is exalted as a heroic revolutionary crusader to Brand’s legion of fans; ‘I would concur David that most of us tend to live in a prescribed reality and that freedom is an illusion because freedom exists in such narrow parameters that ultimately we are enslaved by a very manipulative ideology.’  Brand is clearly far too intelligent to ask Icke about his support for Bashar-al-Assad and Vladimir Putin, his anti-abortion, anti-vaccination articles, his climate change denial, his support for the NRA, his conviction that the current migrant wave has purposefully been engineered to eradicate the native cultures of Europe. Russell Brand shows that if you’re ‘right-on’ you can be as racist as Nick Griffin on a particularly racisty day. It seems anything goes if you’re against the system.


Icke’s current world tour began in Australia in July. The Sydney Morning Herald is one of the rare media outlets who gave Icke his due.  Ori Golan penned an article explaining what shouldn’t have to be explained… ‘A person who writes such things and makes home videos titled The Lizards and the Jews and Zionism, the cause of World Mayhem*, is not just a nut job; that person is anti-Semitic.’

The Mainstream

Russell Brand lucidly demonstrates how Icke is so successful. Given the populist political climate of the hour, anti-establishment sentiment can propel bizarre fringe beliefs into the mainstream. And Icke does appear in the mainstream. Only recently the video of Eva Bartlett and the degenerate conspiracy theories surrounding the White Helmets in Syria were shared on social media by people with otherwise relatively mainstream beliefs.

Eva Bartlett has appeared on David Icke’s show which Louise Proyect discussed in a recent article “This sort of toxic sludge can be found in a number of Assadist websites that combine 9/11 theories with unending and often ludicrous attempts to smear Syrian rebels as perpetrators of “false flag” incidents, including VoltaireNet, Off-Guardian and Global Research. That they overlap with outright fascist platforms such as Infowars and David Icke’s website should have provoked some soul-searching long ago.”

Icke on Syria:

Assad is a tyrant oppressing his people! Does anyone really believe that!?  The story that we must help the people of Syria is frickin’ bollocks.

On Hilary Clinton:

Hilary is another cocaine user (of course) and a lesbian.”
In Icke’s book Global Conspiracy he alleges that Hilary Clinton uses female sex slaves and is turned on by female genital mutilation.

On Jo Cox:

That dead person is being deified out of all proportion… Today, with her body barely cold, her husband Brendan Cox is tweeting out a Go Fund Me link to his wife’s favourite causes…The White Helmets. The White Helmets are the military propaganda arm of the Allies attempt at regime change by destabilising Syria.”

(Not uncommon discourse in mainstream politics these days)

Icke has published nearly 50 articles in the past six months in support of Vladimir Putin.

Piers Corbyn has appeared several times on David Icke’s nightly radio programme – The Richie Allen Show. Piers, who also publicly shares platforms with Holocaust Deniers seems to have much in common with Icke and is doing his brother no favours at all by validating Icke’s theories. Peter Tatchell, amongst many others, has appeared on the same show.

Richie Allen marked Holocaust Memorial Day 2016 by inviting Holocaust denier Nick Kollerstrom on his show where he stated that 200,000 Jews died in the Holocaust and that there is ‘no trace of any extermination policy, no trace of any scorn or contempt towards for example Jews in the camps, they’re described in a perfectly respectful manner.’

The Labour Party

What internal crisis in a major British political party in 2016 could propel David Icke to intervene?

If you said Labour’s antisemitism crisis you win a falafel.

These images are from articles on Icke’s website published in the last year.

Alongside his website The David Icke Forum is a crucible for extreme conspiracy theorists to discuss evil plots and their machinates. Ruth Smeeth, the Labour MP who has received over 25,000 antisemitic and misogynistic messages in the past year, including long explicit death threats from far-left and far-right activists, has several pages of hate dedicated to her on Icke’s rancid forum. (There is a direct corollary between misogyny and racial hatred with female Jewish MP’s suffering far more abuse than their male counterparts) Good and brave people like Ruth Smeeth are feeling the real-life consequences of the cauldron of hatred whipped up by these frenzied maniacs who congregate in the cesspit of Icke’s website.

Live Show

His last tour The Lion Sleeps contains a 25 minute section of explicit antisemitic anti-Zionism, which if you can stomach – not recommended – is available here.

A small portion of the antisemitic images that Icke uses in his live show

His current show promises to be much worse. The trailer for his new show is over ten minutes in length during which he cannily avoids references to otherworldly reptilian phenomena. Only at the end are we briefly shown this image:


All powerful.

Not human.


Sound familiar?

This is how Nazis portrayed the Jews; except the rats have become lizards, a new twist on an old theme. These memes and modes of thought don’t just simply vanish.

What’s To Be Done

Make a fuss. Take the man at his word. Take him seriously. He means what he says, he is a doyen of antisemitism and a purveyor of our darkest ideologies. He is a hate preacher.

I’ll defend Icke’s right to say what he wants but cannot defend Jewish community leaders and anti-racist organisations who remain passive in the face of overt antisemitic grandstanding in their community. But this doesn’t just concern Jews. This concerns feminists, ethnic minorities of all persuasions, anti-fascists, anti-racists, Syrians, people who don’t want the memory of Jo Cox sullied and her husband abused, environmentalists, in short: anyone who wants to be a member of the Anti-Stupid Party.

David Icke is performing a sold-out show at The Manchester Apollo on Saturday 14th January followed by a show in Ireland and then a European tour plus two shows in Canada.

I’m currently reading the 2007 book David Icke’s Guide to the Global Conspiracy – or as I’ve come to know it Mein Kampf for Dummies. Whether Icke contravenes hate-speech laws or not is of little concern; I believe good arguments will never chase out bad ones if we refuse to have them. But the line is drawn at incitement. Given that the Global Conspiracy referred to in the title of his book is mostly being enacted by Jews, it’s worth pausing for a moment and taking in the books’ complete title:

The David Icke Guide to The Global Conspiracy: And How To End It.

For now I’ll leave you in the safe, warm hands of Christopher Hitchens speaking in 2007 at the Jewish Literature Festival:

“Antisemitism is a very, very serious cultural danger, and it’s only a fool who thinks that it is a threat only to Jews. Antisemitism is a very, very toxic threat to everything we can decently call ‘civilization’… If someone says they don’t like West Indians, because of their — I don’t know what it might be — their music. Or they don’t like Indians because of the smell of their cooking. Or they don’t like Koreans for their Kimchi — whatever it might be. Every minority and majority in the world has a version of this kind of prejudice.

But, as Freud pointed out, they’ll all sink their differences when it comes to the Jews. And with the Jews it’s not their cooking or their sex lives or any of this, and it’s not just vulgar prejudice about skin color or smell.

It’s a theory.

It’s a paranoid theory that tries to explain quite a lot. It’s fascinated with gold, with secret documents, with missing codices in ancient treaties, with the idea of an invisible and secret government. It’s a very, very, very dangerous, pseudo-intellectual prejudice.”

(The full conversation is available here)

Marlon Solomon – Jan 2017


*The Lizards and the Jews and the Zionists the Cause of World Mayhem… was in fact the Youtube title of a Jon Ronson documentary on David Icke and not a film by David Icke as stated in the essay. Instead David Icke has films called Rothschild Zionists, World War III and the New World Order.

78 thoughts on “Forget The Lizards: David Icke Is Dangerous And We Should Take Him Seriously

  1. It doesn’t represent Antisemitism at all though does it? You’re aware of that aswell. Antisemitism, along with any racism, is of course dangerous. But the dangers that Icke refers to, are the dangers of Zionism and the State of Israel, which do NOT represent all Jewish people. The State of Israel, run by Zionists, has for 50 years shown great prejudice to the Palestinian people, stealing their land, restricting their access to their own land,basic human rights, freedom of movement and necessities, murdered innocent men, women and children.

    “Since 1967, Palestinian children in the Occupied Palestinian Territory have been living under Israeli military law and prosecuted in military courts.

    In the West Bank, there are two separate legal systems operating in the same territory. The sole factor in determining which laws apply to a person is his or her nationality and ethnicity.

    Israeli military law, which fails to ensure and denies basic and fundamental rights, is applied to the whole Palestinian population. Israeli settlers living in the West Bank are subject to the Israeli civilian and criminal legal system.

    Israel is the only country in the world that automatically prosecutes children in military courts that lack basic and fundamental fair trial guarantees. Since 2000, at least 8,000 Palestinian children have been arrested and prosecuted in an Israeli military detention system notorious for the systematic ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian children.

    Around 500-700 Palestinian children are arrested, detained and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system each year.”

    -Defence for Children Int.

    The State of Israel, seemingly ‘above’ any national law, has somehow managed to become so close with our Western countries that not only do our leaders support his crimes against humanity, they fund it.

    US funding for Israel and it’s occupation, settlements and murders is now well But this money is only part of the story. For one thing, Israel gets all of its aid money at the start of each year, rather than in quarterly installments like other countries. This is significant: It means that Israel can start earning interest on the money right away – interest paid by the US since Israel invests these funds in US Treasury notes. In addition, because the US government operates at a deficit, it must borrow money in order to give it to Israel and then pay interest on it all year. Together these cost US taxpayers more than $100 million every year.

    I’ll stop now while I feel I can, but I could do this all day.

    I’ll leave you with this: It is absolutely unheard of for a state to get away with this amount of violence and inhumanity, have so much sway over western politics and receive so much Taxpayer funded aid.

    Whatever your opinions, the fact is this an extremely valid basis for a ‘theory’ that the Zionist regime of Israel holds some sort of power over our Western establishments.

    Thanks for a nice read though.

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  2. Thank you Zakk. This is not a place to discuss Middle Eastern politics. There are plenty of other homes for that. You clearly have not understood anything in the piece and can only discuss an intractable conflict on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

    I could actually write your response… You would start by quoting “An intractable conflict on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean!? How dare you trivialise the suffering of etc etc” and then go on to list more Israeli/Zionist crimes and all the bad things in the world that you think they are responsible for. I could then respond with a list of 50 countries which are far worse, talk about Hamas etc and the whole thing would unfold with a predictable monotony. That is not what this show is about. That’s on the other channel.

    If you think and believe the images and racial epithets about Jews that David Icke uses in his show are not antisemitic I can’t help you. But I would advise to you to read some actual history books, reflect on your views and earnestly ask yourself why far-right groups champion David Icke.

    But I do appreciate the politeness of your response Zakk. Be well.


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    • Also and in another way Icke is exploiting Palestinians, as well as promoting hatred of Jews. I don’t know Marlon’s views but along with other holocaust deniers and Jew-haters he poisons the discourse of the Israel/Palestine conflict, Palestinians have legitimate grievances, even if there is something worse going on somewhere else, it’s still wrong and also avoidable. Icke doesn’t care about any of that, he just uses it for his own career and to genuinely whip up hatred against Jews.

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    • Icke is a genius, he is getting old and keep repeating the same things over and over again, nobody is perfect.

      But the only way you can follow what he is saying, is by having been contacted like him.

      And in 2017, conspiracy theorists deniers are completely disconnected. Irrelevant peoples that cannot face reality. You lost touch and are only relevant in your echo chambers.


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    • Your a horrible person for trying to mix antisemitism and antizionism together. You’re part of the problem, not David. Your clear bias towards wanting the truths to be revealed are exactly the tactics knowingly used for decades. Stop using normal decent and good Jews as a smoke screen for all the wickedness done by Zionists.


    • David icke frightens me and all the people that belive in him. He is epitome of a psychopathic narcissist. He should locked away not listened to. Until I experienced the world of conspiricy theory and paranoia I didn’t know how dangerous it was all slowly becoming. Thankyou for a good article.


      • Its becoming dangerous for the rats and parasites of this world, not for us. You get the nuances?

        Plus David is not quite finished in his conclusion, although he helped us learn.

        They are not reptilians, they are a brain parasite, a super intelligent bacteria that cannot be seen(other size or dimension) and they where until now, on top of humans in the food chain.

        Science only. Now Hithler lost because he did not know that. Now its different, we found the bacteria, now we are winning. Good luck all, the end of the roman calendar is this year. A new era of peace will come after the collapse. When the parasite is eliminated, with the technology we have now, in 2 years, human race will advance 100


  3. Icke used his website to raise money to fund David Irving’s prosecution of Deborah Lipstadt, and consistently portrayed the case as being about ‘free speech’, in that he felt Irving had the vital right to pretend the holocaust was a myth and that publicly calling him a liar somehow interfered with this ‘right’. He did the same thing when Ernest Zundel was prosecuted in Canada.

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    • Begs the question though: Should people be allowed to deny the Holocaust? If we stop them does it validate their views? I worry about the long term. People get flabby with their knowledge and their facts and the deniers could end up with the loudest voices. Hate-speech laws could inadvertently assist them.


      • It’s a balance. Good arguments will chase out bad arguements but you need to actually have the arguements sometimes. It’s more than conceivable that the day will come when most people on the planet don’t believe the ‘official version’ of the Holocaust, its already state policy in some Middle Eastern countries. That’s why we need to take idiots like Icke seriously.


  4. I found that this article provides a very useful litmus test for distinguishing legitimate anti-Zionism from anti-Semitism, especially the kind of coded anti-Semitism now employed by the likes of David Icke as a code word for ‘Jew’ and ‘Jewish’: “Does Zionism oppress the Palestinians, or does it cause pot-holes in your road and make your milk turn sour?”
    This article was posted in the context of the Occupy movement, but is still very relevant. It’s especially relevant now, since the election of Trump has given a greenlight to all the manner of conspiracy hacks and racists.
    It’s only available through the web archive now:


  5. A valuable piece. I would never wish to ban anyone from speaking but they must be challenged. What a laughable twit the man is. But that’s what we thought (think?) about Farage and Trump. Sadly satire is redundant and we will have to take unpleasant fools like this seriously

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  6. You dare not look at the facts that exist today or the scientific evidence of 9/11. Trump exposes it all. Lets also not attack Wikileaks as a whole and look at the gross and gritty details of what was written instead. Your just a gate keeper and couldn’t hold a candle in a debate with David, Jim Mares or Richard Gage.

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      • You are Gozer the Destructor and I claim my £5!

        I’m old enough to remember David Icke as a BBC Sports presenter, to remember his subsequent meltdown and his apparent resurrection as a conspiracy theorist. It is nothing short of depressing to admit that there are still those who would take him seriously.

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  7. A really interesting read, many thanks. I, like many, pay little attention to the lunatic ramblings of Icke but now feel that maybe I should. It’s very easy to write him off as a nut job and not venture beyond the ‘reptilian overlord’ ridiculousness. It would seem that the deeper you dig the more dangerous you realise he is! I need to read more, we all need to read more, as unpalatable as that will be. Know your enemy. As you rightly say he is not just an enemy of Jewish people but an enemy of us all!

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  8. This is utter drivel, and it’s not even original. It first came up in the early 90’s and was swiftly demolished, so why are you trying to reassemble it again? David Icke states very clearly and comprehensively that Jews are not to be blamed for any of the conspiracies he talks about.


  9. Hi. Very interesting article. I’m attempting to write an MA dissertation on David Icke at the moment. To me it seems that his popularity is the result of a very human need to believe in a cosmological framework of existence. The fact is that humans need to see themselves within some sort of larger scheme of being in order to understand their life. This need is re-emerging now within our secular society, which has historically disregarded many centuries of belief in religous and mythic frameworks as ‘irrational’. David Icke’s work appeals to this hardwired need (I’m certain not consciously so) by re-presenting a kind of New-Age, very Dualistic and often Gnostic world-view, one that boils human existence down to the good old fashioned story of good vs evil! (Sigh!) And so my contention is that for many people, whether they realise it or not, this is the actual purpose it serves and is at the root of its appeal, rather than any political level of motivation. Yet an obvious problem still remains. In a dualistic world-view, such as this, the question therefore becomes (for those invested in the story) who’s side are you on? And indeed who stands on the other side? Who is the enemy? Therefore I totally understand the thrust of your piece. Nobody wants to be painted as the baddie! And so this is potentially divisive work but I would suggest so, only in its interpretation… Stay with me…! At worst I would say that David Icke is a person who deeply misunderstands the use and purpose of metaphor and myth along with many of his readers. His narrative operates within a very murky area where reality and fiction experience a polar shift. The news becomes ‘a film’ and films like ‘The Matrix’ and ‘They Live’ become, in his words, ‘documentary’s’! David Icke’s work (which I believe constitutes a modern meta-myth and the re-emergence of metaphor) can therefore only be divisive if you ‘believe’ it to be real, if you interpret the metaphor literally – which interestingly is the mistake that David himself makes in his research. I don’t believe his work exposes a fascist undercurrent within society as you suggest, it exposes our culture’s very human need for a cosmological and mythical framework. I’m not defending its substance – it actually fails to supply us with an adequate myth. But labelling him a ‘fascist’ is a dangerously over simplified assessment of his narrative that actually buys into this potential divisiveness. His story goes much further than Jews I’m afraid! Imagine how the reptiles feel! I look forward to more of your writing on the topic. All the best.

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    • Very interesting response, there does seem to be a wide range in the kinds of people who are attracted to Icke’s messages, and are so excited by them they attend his marathon 10 hour talking engagements. I think narcissism is a strong element underlying all the work of Icke and the fanbase, and so the meta-myth becomes very ’empowering’ and seductive.


      • Hi Mike. My MA is a very interesting one. It’s in Myth, Cosmology and The Sacred at Canterbury Christchurch University. The dissertation is due in September this year. It’s current working title is “How deep does the metaphor go? The importance of Symbolic Interpretation in the Meta- Narrative of David Icke.” Or something like that!

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      • Wow! that’s an impressive title for your dissertation Adam – I’m currently taking my MA in fine art using the subject of conspiracy theory for my art practice, I would love to read your dissertation once it’s complete, will you publish it online?
        I’m currently using some of Icke’s theories to create art films and images -he provided loads of contentious material for the creative mind – good luck with the writing!


    • Wow! that’s an impressive title for your dissertation Adam – I’m currently taking my MA in fine art using the subject of conspiracy theory for my art practice, I would love to read your dissertation once it’s complete, will you publish it online?
      I’m currently using some of Icke’s theories to create art films and images -he provided loads of contentious material for the creative mind – good luck with the writing!


    • Yes I have and I nearly linked in the article. It’s certainly pertinent. If you type David Icke is an anti… into google you get no prompts. If you type Jews are… You know what you get. That’s why, in my mind, Icke is winning and is why I wrote the essay.

      All the best


  10. I can’t believe you fear Icke! Come on let’s be serious Icke a fascist or even a national socialist that’s ludicrous. I have read about holocaust denial & the one thing that alarms me is that it’s against the law in many countries to even question it. You can question anything else in history but not the holocaust. Surely if we live in a ‘democratic’ free country we should be able to question it as long as it’s done correctly. Now before anybody calls me a ‘nazi’ or a fascist or a racist I’m not infact I’m far removed from any of that. I am Roman Catholic & a very traditional one being catholic has caused people on social media to say I’m anti Semitic in the past! Getting back to David Icke his crap about lizards should be enough for you to dismiss him but no he’s mentioned the holocaust so let’s call him anti jewish. Take a look at yourself totally overreacting when the word holocaust is mentioned.


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  12. I appreciate that you are so generous as to want to great characters like Icke free speech. But I am less forgiving than you are. Icke is clearly spreading hate, engaged in incitement to hate and in sedition. In my book these do not fall under the ‘freedom of speech’ and should be prosecuted.

    I am all for tolerance … I would only make an exception for those who preach intolerance these I would not intend to tolerate. I am all for people being free to cook and serve as food whatever they prefer…yet I would not allow the sale and distribution of lethal poison on the basis of that freedom.


  13. Jew run the world, check your facts. They have thir own laws and rules which they subject the rest of the world to. Mark has pretty much summed up the very valid point in his post.


  14. While I disagree completely with the thrust of this article, once I suspended disbelief it was an enjoyable read.

    As you have (commendably) allowed dissenting voices to comment, I will not repeat what has already been said, apart from to bring to your attention a few typos:

    teaming with > teeming with
    repetoire > repertoire
    Aaronovich > Aaronovitch
    viscous > vicious
    Beyond a Pale Horse > Behold a Pale Horse
    Kahazar > Khazar
    Hilary > Hillary
    their machinates > their machinations

    May the Light prevail!


  15. Really great and thorough essay!
    I wanted to share with you the book, Culture of Conspiracy by Michael Barkun—he dives into Icke and talks about the anti-semitism a bit more than those other books you mentioned—and also talks about where the whole reptilian meme came from. Keep writing! thank you so much for this!


  16. The general angst against world dominant Powers is that there is a monetary system used to oppress the 99%. It is well documented and traced through history. In fact, the original documents are so prolific that it is the same as any other historical record. That the primary usurers are whatever Icke calls them, does not impute the slur to others. The truth is very few people are making the world miserable. We should stick to full names and alliances of interests.

    Liked by 1 person

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  18. I notice you failed to mention the many times Icke has got things absolutely spot on. Is it because it doesn’t suit your agenda? Why would you want to stop free speech? You allow yourself free speech, so why not others? If you want to prove someone wrong, probably best to use facts and evidence because telling people what to think is not going to sway my thought. Icke has repeatedly asked for the world to live as one. We are all the same as each other no higher or lower than our neighbours. Is this really the words of an anti Jew? I don’t think so. (See Ickes Twitter feed for proof). Freedom of speech should be just that. Icke has got many things correct like the UK establishment cover up of crimes against children. What religion were the following ? Leon Britain, got away with many crimes against children. Lord Grenville janner, who the crown prosecution said had plenty of evidence to charge him
    But chose not too over a span of 4 decades. Hundreds of victims between the 2. Also what religion was Jimmy Savile ? Thousands of victims underage, some disabled and some dead. Why we’re they allowed to get away with it? Did their religion help them go unpunished? I’m ask you to investigate, don’t take my word for it. Don’t take the media or anyone’s word for it, do your own homework. How could you possibly know the truth without knowing we’re the actual information come from and if they are trusted? When you tow one line and one line only, over and over again, It’s obvious that all you care about is you and your race. We the people are one and should learn to accept all cultures and we should all have freedom
    If speech regardless of the content. The people telling you what to think are normally the ones with an agenda… Ones asking you investigate have nothing to hide. Peace friends, we are all at the same level, earning more money does not and never will make you better than your neighbour. Love thy neighbours regardless of race…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Spot on these people cannot handle the truth they spurt ADL at every friggin’ opportunity ..I want to know why every Religion shouldn’t have the equivalent of the ADL including Muslims as all have been persecuted and tortured,doubt that would be allowed though in the Cabal Controlled system the way it is at the moment …


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  21. Marlon
    I do not deny the holocaust. What happened in World War Two was atrocious; it affected many other groups as well. 55 million people were destroyed. Remember that. Members of my family were killed in combat in both theaters of war. My grandfather was shot eight times and barely survived. I owe my life to the United States Marine Corp. for rescuing my grandfather the morning after a hateful overnight battle with the Japanese. He did not cry out to the world “POOR ME!” Never once, he was a humble man scorched from the fires of hatred.

    I was raised as a Lutheran. The first 6 years of my education took place in a Lutheran school in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was a long period of theology after which I was thrust into the public school system. It was then a long period of secular science. You could say that I am/was a WASP. For many years we have maintained a control over the U.S. That is now waning.

    Nothing has been denied me, nothing. The world has been mine to dominate; the Jewish people, all people, in this age. People like you and David Icke come off to me absolutely right and oh so wrong; arrogant even. In the end, I believe, what drives this is notoriety, wealth and power. It’s a fiat wealth for all to play an idiot’s game with. The Jehovah’s Witnesses need a special comment here; I just talked with a member over several weeks. Again, he came off as arrogant to me, full of Man’s way, Man’s lies and Man’s frailty. We are all going to die on this date or that date or some date that gets continuously reset. How stupid is that!? Inbred satanic nihilism possibly? The Lord only knows, stop, live, be well. Pantheism has been my way. I have picked through the texts and teachings of all of Man’s frail religions; even those teachings of the Satanic Church. More arrogance I ponder.

    There is truth which is separate and unknown from afar but parallel within the strings of Man’s spiritual logic. All hold a piece of God’s key smothered in the fallacy of Man’s dogma.

    These internet arguments are very entertaining for me. There is truth in your comments and David’s. I know truth and I take a little piece of both of you and add them to my repertoire. There is a lot which I discard. The denial here is benched on your mutual malignancy and quasi-intellectual bantering of the general public to push a personal agenda. I do not care for the politeness displayed in this thread because I am a tyrant and I do not fear anything; especially words. Free will in all ways is the distillation of the soul before the all seeing power. Honesty is paramount in all things great & small.

    Israel has her weapons, like many others standing on the edge of the abyss. It is easy to deny genocide when you pluck out thine own eye sir. Israel will be judged as will all others. There is no escape. The Jewish state was forged from hatred and given to you by Man’s ways; not God’s. There was truth in the beginning. True purity was lost in sin when we denied the guidance of truth long ago. All religion is therefore malignant because of our nature; our quarrelsome nature. I am not above it and I want you to know that neither are you. What bothers me is the nature of the garbage that we seem to join together and spew in such a discriminatory way. It’s a disgusting, worldwide continuum of ignorant human frailty without one shred of decent humility. I am proud of my grandfather’s quietness; do not interpret this as his silence though. He did not tell sick jokes to highlight his experience however, as some do.

    You should not feel attacked, nor should David. I feel I did not turn a “personal knife” here; that is your sin, that is David’s sin in my opinion. The personal attacks I find in your writing and David’s media are unwarranted. You are both dangerous in that respect. You both seem to be reaching for some kind of alignment of cause which I feel will never be reached. These are seeds of destruction being sown no matter how politely the sword is wielded.



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  23. A belated response, but thank you for this excellent post! As a former political scientist I need to put Nicholas-Goodrick Clarke on my reading list. I have been aware of some common elements between some New Ageists and antisemitic conspiracy theory eg. Max Igan but lacked the conceptual framework.

    I have been reading Icke’s website and his fora for some time. A few years ago at an interfaith meeting in London where the guest speaker was a barrister who had written a book about antisemtisim, I was laughed at by the audience when I mentioned Icke and the dangers he poses. Even then I could see that the demagogue was attracting large post 9/11 audiences eager for someone to ‘make sense of events’. The barrister dismissed Icke as a crackpot who would not gain traction. However, I had visited the Occupy camp at St. Pauls cathedral and saw the sheer number of people engaging with Icke’s followers. The menacing antisemitism was there both explicitly and coded.

    I would add the following to your post: 1. A video by renegade Bishop Williamson the antisemitic holocaust supporter giving a talk denying the Holocaust was posted a couple of years ago on Icke’s site. I had mentioned this that evening on Harry’s Place and a day later it was mysteriously deleted. 2. Icke has or had on his forums threads denying the Holocaust or threads blaming Jews for all the world’s ills. 3. His radio station ( Richie Allen the broadcaster is Allen’s puppet and shows the slavish admiration that only a servant shows his master) has included recent guests such as a BNP spokesman, Ken O’Keefe (unhinged conspiracy theorist and antisemite), Tony Gosling (9/11 truther and antisemite), Chris Bolleyn and others who are leading lights in the antisemitic conspiracy movement. Not to mention, Gilad Atzmon and David Shayler…As Icke himself says ‘join (or connect) the dots’.


  24. LOL Scared of the truth? yes the truth hurts? The Jews Run the Show so is he wrong in that FACT? They certainly run the Cabal Music Business and Media including Hollywood I should know they back balled me and told me so you tell me the percentage of non Jewish CEO’s and execs in the Music Business probably about 10 percent then go tell me the percentage of Film companies run by non Jews in Hollywood.. Many Hollywood stars changed their names to look Gentile to give them more appeal … These are facts not fiction David Ike is giving you truth and you don’t like it … The Big Satanic Jewish Cabal runs Banking check, Entertainment Check, Media Check, this is fact not fiction Rothschild Goldman Sachs are not Christian names last time I checked Murdock was a Jew, The Warner Brothers were Jews MGM Jews and so it goes on .. David Ike tells it like it is he is kind to Jewish people like you and me it’s not us he is exposing it’s our bloodlines.. Hillary Clinton has alot to answer to from Murdering those that expose her (seriously big body count now) to child trafficking Haitian children and stealing funds via the Clinton foundation.. I say good on David Ike he is spot on!!… And as for Lizards look to your Reptilian Brain and what it controls..


  25. Having spent years researching the World, unfortunately for you, Mr Icke is right.

    You’d know so if you did your pen research with open eyes.

    A good place to start shattering your brainwashed reality is watching ‘the new Pearl harbour’ on youtube. (4.5 hours) … this Will Be the first domino of many.

    I’ve been where you are, trusting mainstream news.


  26. Ok First and foremost Judaisms is not a race no one is born Jewish, Muslim or Christian for that matter. Were are all born human minus the aliens that have infiltrated. So if you think playing your antisemitic get out of jail free card is going to work Marlon Solomon you are mistaken. You know damn well that the Khzarians converted to Judaism in 700 AD and do not have one drop of Semitic blood in them and no blood claim to Israel. So stop crying wolf(Antisemitism).


  27. Your statement, ”The problem is that these overlords are Jewish.” is incorrect and at this point your argument falls down. Considering that you yourself earlier say that he says that the overlords are lizards and that they are planetwide (”They project their extra-dimensional consciousness onto elite corporal hosts. The reptilian ‘human-hybrids’ have inveigled every nation and system on Earth …”), I’m surprised that you can then say they are Jewish. Are you letting your prejudice / programming cloud your thinking ? This is on the level of ‘schoolboy error’ and does not really add much to your credibility on this matter.


  28. How do you feel about the work of Benjamin Freeman? Or what about James Fetzer, PhD? Or for that matter the Project For the New American Century? And what about the five Dancing Israelis who were arrested on 9/11, then sent back to Israel by the head of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, whereupon one of the arrested Israeli men appeared on an Israeli television show and admitted they were there (In New York on 9/11) to document The Event? Care to comment?
    As far as David Icke goes, I have read all of his books, I have attended three of his speaking events, and I never heard him mention a single word that could be considered hate speech. Nor did I see any neo-nazis, swastikas, or anti-semites in attendance, nor did I see anyone who exuded hate or bigotry. In fact, just the opposite. These events were comprised of peaceful, loving, open-minded, awake and aware individuals of all colors, most, I imagine, like myself, have transcended the fake left/right paradigm. They actually made me think of the 10-percenters mentioned by Edward Bernays. He was Sigmund Freud’s nephew, who concluded that 90% of the population will buy anything–product, ideology, even propaganda– while the remaining 10% are critical thinkers, operate from a position of objectivity, who are too intelligent to buy into the crap peddled by those with an obvious agenda.
    In my view, most people (those 90%) are unable to free their mind-controlled minds from our Matrix-like fake reality. So those 10-percenters who can, in many cases based upon years of truth seeking, open minded research, metaphysical experiences (followed by deep reflection, as in my case) seem to be kooks to those who cannot.
    Again, in my view, your article exuded more hatred, division, and misinformation (or perhaps disinformation) than the sum total of Icke’s books and lectures combined. But then again, I am a proud member of the 10% Club, a person who loves Freedom & Truth, and can easily spot those who can’t handle it (the Truth, that is).
    The reality is… this world is comprised of good people and bad people of all races and colors. When the bad ones who are jewish are exposed, those exposing them are automatically labeled anti-semitic. Honestly, do you think that’s fair? Is it not okay to expose those who are involved in wrongdoing?

    Blessings and well wishes to you and all those you come into contact with.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. I see icke fan Ben Emlyn Jones has posted here. This is the guy who posted on the net ‘ the gas chambers at Auschwitz are fakes’. Jones has a forum where if someone is known to be Jewish they are subjected to anti Semitic abuse. Jews members are taunted with comments about pork and bacon ect. For example In a thread about Apollo a Jews member is asked ‘ did the astronauts eat bacon, who built the first synagogue on the moon. Jones does not believe Hitler gassed Jews etc etc.


  30. Good to see you mention “Veterans Today”, a very odd site. First of all I despise any bunch that try to connect alleged ex military service with patriotism. They use it as a barrier. Sick.
    A regular on Veterans Today & the Icke – Richie Allen show is Kevin, sorry, Dr Kevin Barrett. Check him out. He brings me on to why I still don’t fully agree with all of this article though. Check out the New Horizon conferences that have been happening in Iran the last few years. Check out the attendees.
    Why are they mainly all bogus truthers? Not serious activists with decent, believable reasons why the West is “evil”, no they are people like Art Olivier, the ex mayor from California. He’s the writer of Operation Terror, a bogus “fictional” movie based on the hideous 9/11 events. See the contradiction?
    It connects with David Icke because he also pushes the “no plane” theory. Odd that?
    Anti Jewish? Iran has the 2nd biggest Jewish community in the ME, so why do they allow these “anti semites” in from all over the world (mainly USA)? What’s really going on here?
    I actually found this contradiction elsewhere & stumbled into the Iran oddness.
    These people are not patriots, they’re probably hiding behind that “you can’t handle the truth!” cliche.


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  34. A very informative article and I thank you for that.

    My problem with Icke started after watching his nonsensical rambling talks on youtube and I am sorry to say that it has become an itch that I cannot resist scratching from time to time.

    There is probably a technical term for it – which I don’t know – but I thought that the way that he presents his ideas during these talks is very interesting as he appears to litter his presentations with charged concepts, key words and vague ideas that are very well attuned to the paranoid and conspiracionalist world view of his audience.

    In short, he’s giving them what they want; playing to the gallery; and doing something that is perhaps analogous to the love bombing practised by cults.

    Watching those clips, I became fascinated with a weird tick that Icke has – a kind of sniff or snort that he frequently performs after making his characteristically bold statements of ‘fact’ about this or that.

    Once you see it, you cannot miss it.

    I am not a trained psychologist and I am aware that much of so-called body language may be fringe science, but I could not help but see these ticks as an uncontrollable reaction suggesting uncertainty, at best, or downright lying, at worst.

    To give some context to those suggestive expressions, I searched on youtube for clips of Icke when he was just talking normally instead of presenting to an audience. I wanted to see if they were present when he was not delivering his message but talking of more mundane – and perhaps factual – matters.

    I have not found any yet, but I did see some fascinating clips where Icke is being interviewed in a more skeptical environment.

    Perhaps he is too familiar with the easy ride he usually gets when he appears on friendly shows but, man, he really does not like to be challenged! He insults people who challenge him, he crosses his arms in a defiant manner, he points and wags his fingers and he generally gets very angry indeed.

    This is not the sort of behaviour one would expect from such a seasoned orator with access to great insight.

    In fact, he comes across as dominating, boorish, egotistical and puerile. As bad as the fictional bogey men that are the subject of his ill thought tirades.

    Add his substantial wealth to these unpleasant characteristics and it seems to me that he is a hypocrite of the worst kind. Hardly practising what he preaches.

    I appreciate this this sounds character assassination of the nastiest type but, well, her started it 😀


  35. Icke has his own agenda, he spreads half truths and misinformation and is a total hypocrite refusing any opposing voices on his forum. However not all he says is false like most lies there are threads of truth, about our reality, about the system we live under.

    No question there is a global elite in the western world and they are very lost souls. No question the treatment of Palestinians now has become a violation of human rights. You can pretend all is fine, but it isn’t. There is something very wrong with the world we live in. You would have to be a complete moron to believe the official story of 9/11. Sorry but the lies just are not working anymore, you can further your own agenda here if you want or you can explore out of your little box and take some time to reflect on the world.

    Perhaps then you will understand why so many people are questioning what we are told is the truth by a manipulated media. I agree Icke ideas of Lizards sound ridiculous., but some might see the return of Christ or the Messianic era as equally ludicrous or nirvana or the Muslim Last Judgment. Ask yourself honestly, do you merely further your personal agenda in this article and inflate your own ego?


  36. Tut, tut,
    With a name like Marlon Solomon, you clearly are a Jew.
    However, if you knew anything about David Icke’s work, then you would realise that he negates anything anti toward Jews. He has had venues pulled on him because people like yourself relish in waving the anti-semitic card. obviously, you have no concept of your cultural background otherwise you would know the Semetics originated in Iraq.
    If you would care, just for one moment to take your head from up your arse, you will find that what Mr Icke is opposed to is Rothschild Zionism and the people who parasite off the likes of you and me. So my friend, after your ridicule of David Icke, because that’s what you seem to do best, when they do come knocking at your door to take away you and your families liberties and freedoms, just spare a thought for the over thirty years of research David Icke has done to make an ignorant public aware of what is happening to them by such people.


  37. Makes a number of very cogent connections between increasingly mainstream ideas and what used to be marginal anti-Semitism. Two things particularly interest me: one, that Icke is hugely popular in Italy, among the kind of people who vote for the 5 Star Movement, and two, that Brand (very much someone who aspires to become the UK’s equivalent to his fellow trickster/fascist fellow traveller Beppe Grillo) has recently taken to promoting far-right figures including Jordan Peterson and Candace Owens. Not being a conspiracy theorist, I’m inclined to suspect that naivety and narcissism rather than malign intentions are to blame. Nonetheless, it seems that his megalomania is leading him to align with an extremely pernicious ideology.


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