Another Antisemitic Voice

I am often asked about antisemitism on the Right when I am discussing the current trend of Left antisemitism. Isn’t there just as much if you look hard enough? Antisemitism is transitory. It exists all over the political spectrum, it ebbs and flows, currently it has found a home on the left.

For the doubters I would recommend examining the way Jewish matters are discussed in alternative left-wing media outlets. Take Mike Sivier, the author of Vox Political, one of the many pro-Corbyn blogs that sprung up or surged in popularity to compensate for Corbyn’s slaying at the hands of the mainstream media (MSM).

(Every time I type the letters MSM a little part of me dies)

In April Sivier announced that he was standing for Labour at the local elections. Sivier had written scores of articles defending Ken Livingstone. In fact he had penned pieces in defence of every high profile member of the Labour Party disciplined for alleged antisemitism. He had even posted links to far-right websites in defence of Livingstone and went as far as to claim that it wasn’t antisemitic to say that Tony Blair was “unduly influenced by a Jewish cabal” –  six words so laden with antisemitism it would make George Galloway blush.


Eventually he was suspended pending investigation but refused to apologise, preferring instead to hold his ground and argue his case on the pages of his tawdry blog.
The problem here is manifest. It is not simply a few bad apples. This is a man with tens of thousands of readers. He has a voice that is influential in parts of the left. He tells his audience that Jews lie about their history, that they cry antisemitism for their own malicious ends. And now many thousands of left wingers can rest assured that claiming their most despised politician was so despicable because he was unduly influenced by a Jewish cabal is not in the slightest bit antisemitic.

So if this is happening just as much on the right, show me? Stop asking Jews to find it. Go and find articles outside of Neo-Nazi fanzines that are doing this.

Off your marks…

This is a 200ft antisemitic banner unfurled in Bristol by Labour members two days before the general election. It shows Theresa May wearing Star of David earrings. Our most powerful politician is at the service of the Jews. This is straight out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, something that twenty years ago you would most likely find in a vile Neo-Nazi cartoon.

banner bristol

For The Many Not The Jew

That caption I have added is not sarcasm. It is what the banner is saying. The Many vs The Few. And behind the privileged few are the Jews. This is not criticism of Israel.

This is age-old antisemitism.

This is not about what people think about Jews in their hearts, (I am so tired of hearing “Yeah but he’s not actually antisemitic” as though that should somehow compensate for an antisemitic remark or deed) It’s about what people say, and do, who they endorse, what they write in their blogs and on social media. It is about their political actions and inactions.

Last night I chanced upon an article in Another Angry Voice (AAV) entitled, Theresa May’s gift to the pro-Israeli lobby. AAV is a widely read blog from Thomas G. Clarke who presumably – given his moniker – is full of righteous indignation for our unequal and divided society: and also it appears the working International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism, which has been adopted by UK government, has provoked his ire.

A caveat: AAV is not one of the alt. Left media sites teeming with articles which downplay, deny and justify left-wing antisemitsm. It does not have an obsessional pre-occupation with ‘the Zionists’ plus Clarke appears to be smarter than most of his rival bloggers. Thus makes the manner in which he attempts to dismantle the IHRA definition of antisemitism belies a culture on the Left which treats Jewish concerns about antisemitism as though they are a bad joke.

The definition

Clarke declares it ‘reasonable’ that holding Jews collectively responsible for the actions of a few and harming or killing them is antisemitic.

Well, it’s a start.

One of the items he describes as ‘unacceptable’ in the definition is “Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.”

He describes Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians as a ‘stain on humanity’

For the record I am not taking issue with that… so long as he treats Syria, Chad, Iran, Pakistan, Kashmir, Yemen, North Korea, China, Tibet, Eritrea, Burma, Cuba, Venezuela and all the other oppressive regimes and war-mongering governments in the same manner.

But of all those ‘humanitarian stains’, many of them far, far worse than Israel, Another Angry Voice would like to defend people’s right to choose the only conflict that involves Jewish people and reserve the right to invoke the Nazi metaphor.

This is 2017 on the British mainstream left, folks. Mr. Clarke should note that there are still Holocaust survivors alive whom one presumes would be horrified to hear a left-wing writer defending the right to call a Jew a Nazi in the name of anti-racism.

In Syria more people were killed in the first 18 months of that conflict than in all the Arab/Israeli wars in the last 100 years combined, and that includes Israeli deaths. Far more in fact.  Bashar-Al-Assad’s regime is directly responsible for well over 90% of those needless deaths many of them through unspeakable torture.

So here’s an experiment you can do at home kids:

Type ‘Netenyahu Nazi’ into Google Images and compare that to ‘Bashar Al-Assad Nazi’


Do get an adult to help you with this one

The Nazi metaphor is reserved almost exclusively for the Jewish state where other angry voices calibrate their condemnation to isolate and offend as many Jewish people as possible, including those who are hugely critical of the Israeli government.

The IHRA definition of antisemitism is not enshrined in law, it cannot be used to prosecute someone. But it is there to protect Jewish people from this…



To quote Owen Jones, “There are those who compare the occupation of Palestine to Nazi tyranny. This is an attempt to say to Jews — “look, you are now doing to Palestinians what Hitler did to you.” It is deeply offensive and wrong. The occupation of Palestine is bad enough on its own terms. It is oppressive and stifling and brutal. It does not represent — or even close — an attempt to physically exterminate an entire people.”

Clarke is concerned that anyone who compares a Jew to a Nazi would be labelled an anti-Jewish bigot.

Clarke is worried about the antisemite, not the Jew.

And anyway this is not the case. If it is explained to someone why that is unacceptable and they listen and (God forbid) apologise then that is a positive, not a negative. I would much rather open a dialogue about why that is unacceptable than to label someone an antisemite. Take my own Labour MP – Afzal Khan – who tweeted in 2014 that Israel was a Nazi state. He subsequently apologised. Sincerely. And I was happy to endorse him as the Labour candidate in my area.

It can be that simple. We are capable of showing each other that sort of respect and moving on. We are supposed to be ‘of the Left’ after all.

The Holocaust

One of the most damning aspects of this current culture on the Left can be seen in an attitude whereby a complete insensitivity to the Holocaust has taken root and become commonplace

I spent 17 days on the largest Labour Party Forum (35000 members)  around the time of the Livingstone verdict. The manner in which the Holocaust was discussed shocked and sickened me. You would hear more compassion on a UKIP forum. Jewish history booted around as though people were discussing Tory austerity. There is a growing culture of this on the left and on a personal note, I find this the most depressing aspect of the whole left-wing antisemitic enchilada.

The IHRA defines Holocaust denial as antisemitic thus:

“Denying the fact, scope, mechanisms (e.g. gas chambers) or intentionality of the genocide of the Jewish people at the hands of National Socialist Germany and its supporters and accomplices during World War II (the Holocaust).”

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Please take to the stage Another Angry Voice who manages to find something to quibble with.

But first, I’d like again to draw on Owen Jones’ recent post, A Left Take on Israel, Palestinian Justice and Antisemitism.

This is what Jones says about the Holocaust in relation to Jews and antisemitism today. He calls for a recognition that:

“The Shoah is the biggest single crime in human history by virtue of intent and means. Human history is littered with terrible, terrible crimes: from British imperialism in India and Ireland, to King Leopold in the Congo, to Stalin’s gulags, to the slave trade. What makes the Shoah so unique is an industrialised, systematic, bureaucratic attempt to exterminate an entire people without trace.”

That’s how people should approach this topic. Compare that to Clarke’s piece and the manner in which he discusses denial of the Shoah as though it were an exercise in quantitative easing:

The big problem is the use of the word “scope” because it implies that the true scale of the Holocaust is a known quantity when it isn’t. In 1953 Gerald Reitlinger estimated the number of Jewish victims of the Holocaust at 4.2 – 4.5 million; Raul Hilberg estimated the number of deaths to be 5.1 million; The Encycolpedia of the Holocaust estimated between 5.59 million and 5.86 million; Jacob Lestschinsky’s estimate was 5.9 million; and the Technical University of Berlin estimate is between 5.29 and 6.2 million.”

Clarke manages to assert that outright Holocaust denial is ‘extremely distasteful’ and goes further by suggesting it is ‘very often’ motivated by anti-Jewish hatred. So presumably he thinks it is occasionally motivated by philo-semitism.

But in the complete article there is no mention of what the Shoah actually was, nothing about the effect that Holocaust denial has on Jewish people, including survivors and he doesn’t even get round to saying Holocaust denial is an antisemitic act.

Here’s a tip for anti-racists: if you are obfuscating for the denial or minimisation of a race crime which killed approximately 6 million Jews try and approach it something like this:

The intensity and ferocity of the Holocaust is unique in human history and thus the denial or minimisation of this most unspeakable of acts is to do nothing less than continue the crime. We must all stand together in fighting the denial or minimisation of this most heinous chapter in our shared human history. However should someone wish to draw on Gerard Reitlinger’s assertion, made in 1953, that between 4.2-4.5 million Jews were killed, this may not be classed as Holocaust denial/minimisation but only if they can justify why they are specifically choosing Reitlinger as opposed to virtually all of the subsequent historians who put the figure much higher – between 5.1 – 6.6 million.”

No one knows how many Jews died in WWII, it is an approximation based on available data. So if a person points to a figure decided in 1953 and ignores all the subsequent historian’s work which gives a higher figure, why are they doing it?

Are they consumed by the quest for the truth to find out exactly how many Jews died in WWII? Have they spent years sifting through the archives of the Third Reich?

Or is it something else?

Are they someone who seeks to delegitimise the Jewish need for a homeland after WWII by attempting to minimise the crime as much as possible to suit their political goals?

And the IHRA definition is not enshrined in law, despite what this dreadfully researched and immature article asserts. They are recommendations. To protect Jews.

Ellie baker

A member of the Labour Party, not the BNP.

Take this insidious comment on the largest Labour Party forum which I encountered only a few hours after joining – it was not the only comment I saw like this, far from it. Putting aside that a left-winger thinks there are two sides to the Holocaust. That Zionists – the people who wanted to escape to a safe place because they were being treated as a racial infection – were not as equally evil as the Nazis. (Gosh it’s the end of days isn’t it?) But the idea that ‘the Zionists’ have inflated the number of Jewish dead for their own malicious ends is an idea nurtured on the far-right. It is now not uncommon to hear this in the Labour Party.

Clarke gives this person an out. Couldn’t she reasonably say “Oh sorry I’m not in anyway denying the Holocaust I was just pointing to Reitlinger who ‘the Zionists’ are choosing to ignore?”

Clare is concerned about the antisemite not the Jew. 

Jones’ article is damning in it’s criticism of the actions of the Israeli government in which he advocates for a boycott of settlement goods. Yet he is also damning of the current culture of left-wing antisemitism. They are not mutually exclusive. A person may hold both positions.

Let me as clear as possible: Alternative left-wing pro-Corbyn media outlets such as AAV, Evolve Politics, The Canary, Vox Political and many more… incite left-wingers to be antisemitic in exactly the same way the right-wing tabloids incite right-wingers against Muslims. Only the latter is more overt and crude. If you use the #DontBuyTheSun hashtag or criticise the Mail Online for its racism whilst sharing articles from the above alt. Left sites you are a hypocrite choosing which minority group it’s ok for publications to incite people against.

With two Kosher shops firebombed in Manchester in the past month and Jewish MP’s receiving death threats from people on the Left it’s high time lefty media outlets got a grip. They have a responsibility, just like the mainstream media has it’s responsibilities.

Clarke also describes this as ‘unacceptable’ in the definition:

“Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour.”

Can someone order me a large slice of nuance please? Ta!

nuance mmmm

Nuance Pie…yum yum

Whether Clarke has done this deliberately or not I do not know but his counter argument uniformly changes the word endeavour to state.

Saying Israel is a racist state is not defined as antisemitic. Personally I think Israel has a huge problem with racism with extremist elements creeping into the Knesset and I believe the Israeli government has policies which have a racist outcome for the Palestinian people. And don’t get me started on the Ethiopian Jews….

See? What’s antisemitic about that?

But to say Israel is a racist endeavour is a kettle of fish with an entirely different hue.

The endeavour came from a people who were the victims of racism, not racists themselves. The idea of a sanctuary for the Jewish people as a refuge from European antisemitism is the endeavour. The reality of 2017 in the occupied territories is wholly different to the 1897 idea.

In a poll conducted in 2015, 93% of British Jews say Israel forms part of their identity but only 60% say they’re Zionists. See that differential? Pass the nuance again. This endeavour is an intrinsic part of Jewish identity for 93% of British Jews (it would be weird if it wasn’t) within which there are a huge variety of views. To say the endeavour is racist is to indict the 93% as racists themselves. This makes Jews a target, specifically for the ‘anti-racist’ left.

The IHRA definition seeks to protect Jews becoming targets in that fashion so it specifically chooses the word endeavour which was specifically ignored by Another Angry Voice and changed to state.

Dishonest? I don’t know.

Stupid? Absolutely.

And finally… the prestige.

MP’s, including Corbyn, are “afraid of the backlash from the pro-Israel lobby” if they reject the IHRA definition.

The lobby, the lobby, the lobby.

It’s Jews, mate.

You mean Jews, bud.

It’s Jews who wish to define their own prejudice. It’s Jews who are asking for Nazi comparisons to be withheld from political discourse involving Jewish matters, It’s Jews who will remonstrate and provide the ‘backlash’ if the IHRA definition is rejected. We are not the pro-Israel lobby, we are Jews.

In this way Clarke delegitimises not only Jewish concerns but dehumanises Jews as a people. What we think about Holocaust denial, how it feels when a Jew is compared to a Nazi, what it means to indict most of us as racists are not the genuine concerns of a minority; to Clarke and those on the left who think like him, these concerns are the machinations of a powerful cabal of malevolent Jews covertly using this definition of antisemitism as a smoke-screen to advance their own malicious political goals.

And that, right there ^^^^^^^ my fine friends, is left-wing antisemitism.

Google any of these alt. Left publications along with the word ‘antisemitism’ and you will mostly find tawdry defences of left-wing antisemitism and counter-claims of malicious intent on the part of the accuser. So… only articles and posts about…

Bad stuff wot them Jews do

Just like The Daily Mail carries only negative narratives about Muslim people so alt. left media does the same with Jews.

If you wish to challenge this assertion then you must explain why there are virtually no positive articles about Jews or any admission that the left has a specific problem with antisemitism.

Why did no one cover (to my knowledge) the Jewish Labour Movement’s (JLM) campaign for the government to uphold the Dubs amendment? It was JLM who led the campaign and Lord Dubs was a Jew who came to Britain on the Kinder transport. When Owen Jones spoke at a JLM meeting – which represents over 95% of Jews in Labour -he received articles and tweets like this:



Where is the condemnation for filth like that in the alt. Left media?

In the run-up to the Union elections Gerard Coyne gave an interview to a Jewish newspaper. He received stuff like this:


Legitimate Criticism of Israel

When Coyne referred to this on Question Time and said that Labour had an antisemitism problem he was called ‘treacherous’ by Diane Abbott. This is how institutional antisemitism works.

Jewish MP’s, particularly Ruth Smeeth and Luciana Berger, have received tens of thousands of abusive and antisemitic messages, much of it from the Left. Ruth Smeeth in particular has faced death threats from people specifically on the left. Where are the articles saying “Guys we may disagree with Ruth Smeeth’s politics but this racist, misogynistic abuse has got to stop!

Many MSM outlets wrote articles of that nature for Diane Abbot (and rightly so, the whiff of misogyny and racism around the abuse she gets is palpable) but for an alt. left media outlet to name and shame the perpetrators of left-wing antisemitism is seemingly beyond the call of their anti-racist duties. Why is that?

Occasionally right-wing tabloids do get held to account for their racism.  But alt. left publications have no-one to answer to. An army of bloggers and would-be journalists with large audiences and a contempt for the mass of Jewish people is causing a great deal of damage.

Every article, every comment, every day a Jew deserts the left. Until it’s safe to return I’ll just be Another Angry Jew.**

*There are, of course, a small number of Jews who reject IHRA definition. These are anti-Zionist Jews and alt. Left publications will usually point to these Jews to uphold their arguments. The vast, vast majority of Jews endorse and support the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism – something Another Angry Voice thought superfluous to an article about the definition of anti-Jewish prejudice. 

** See what I did there?


Forget The Lizards: David Icke Is Dangerous And We Should Take Him Seriously

Just because Hitler used the knowledge for negative reasons doesn’t reflect on the knowledge itself.” – David Icke 

David Icke is a former footballer and sports presenter who has been one of the world’s leading conspiracy theorists for over twenty years. He believes that an evil agenda is being enacted on the human race by the ‘Babylonian Brotherhood’ – supernatural reptilian overlords.

You know, the obvious stuff.

Icke believes that we are literally living in The Matrix. “We are like droplets of water in an ocean of…awareness. We are ‘individual’ at one level of perception but still part of the infinite whole.” He calls this the Infinite Awareness. Unfortunately for us these malign reptilian overlords are mucking the whole thing up. They project their extra-dimensional consciousness onto elite corporal hosts. The reptilian ‘human-hybrids’ have inveigled every nation and system on Earth, in order to fulfil their dastardly ambitions, where humans will soon be micro-chipped and live as slaves under their One World Government.

(To lighten the mood when trawling through this guff I find it helps to say One World Government in the American movie-trailer voice)

Icke’s politics today are combination of most of the dominant themes of contemporary neo-fascism, mixed in with a smattering of topics culled from the U.S. militia movement, European and Middle Eastern conspiracy theories and most recently (and predictably) Russian State propaganda. In America, for instance, he opposes gun control as a plot by the ‘elite’, which has deliberately orchestrated numerous mass shootings to whip up opposition to guns. 

Far-right daily’s such as Veterans today and White Supremacist site Stormfront are teaming with links to Icke’s articles and videos. In fact one cursory search on Veterans Today brings well over a thousand results for David Icke.

Icke is on a mission to educate and free the subjugated masses; he offers hope and freedom from the grip of our Satanic blood-drinking rulers. He assures us that if we can tune into the ‘Truth Vibrations‘ we can rise up as one against the reptilian overlords.

The problem is that these overlords are Jewish.

Well of course they are.

So how does a fascist ideologue incite hatred against Jews to sell-out crowds in Britain and get away with it? It’s the question the UK media has been neglecting or unwilling to answer and is the point of this hastily convened blog. Icke is playing to a sell out crowd in Manchester next week; a city with a large, thriving Jewish community dating back over a hundred years and one that I am a part of.

Yet I seem to have awoken in a world where extreme antisemitic rhetoric and incitement is ignored and deflected because the perpetrator also believes in aliens. A place where belief in ET precludes you from being a bigot. Perhaps we need to be more attentive to Icke when he unironically says ‘it’s time to wake up.’

Icke is in fact selling out stadiums worldwide and has been doing so for years; preaching ancient and modern antisemitic conspiracy theories and inciting his bewitched followers to rise up against these – mostly Hebrew  – totalitarian overlords.

Icke is more popular than ever: No other conspiracy theorist sells out to theatres and stadiums worldwide. He is clearly seen by many as simply ‘that bloke on Wogan who said he was the son of God.‘ Perhaps it would be more prudent to go with ‘he’s that Holocaust denier who spreads anti-Jewish hatred and neo-fascist ideology to sold out venues across the world.

Not quite as catchy, I know.

We seem to see Icke as a likeable fool rather than the dangerous individual he really is. As Justine Ehrlich pointed out to me.. ‘It’s the kind of crypto-fascism you need to get knee deep in to call, that in part is why it is so dirty.’

And no one is calling it out. If an Imam was publicly heard spouting 10 per cent of Icke’s repetoire the right-wing press would have a field day yet Icke preaches his psychotic malady to full theatres while barely a murmur of protest will be heard from anti-racist organisations and Jewish groups.

Icke is a mere footnote in the incisive and compelling works on conspiracy culture by David Aaronovich (Voodoo Histories) and Jonathan Kay (Among The Truthers). However it is rather telling that he gets more attention in Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke’s excellent work on far-right sects, Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and The Politics of Identity. Concerning Icke’s 1994 work The Robots Rebellion(Icke) combines an anti-elitist, ecological and spiritual gospel, the complete battery of far-right conspiracy theories and militia concerns: secret societies, Freemasons, banking and hidden elites, the New World Order, microchip control, extraterrestrials and gun control.

The corollary between Neo-Nazism/Fascism and New World Order conspiracism is well documented and was around a long time before David Icke. To see the attraction New World Order conspiracism has for Neo-Nazi groups Goodrick-Clarke writes, ‘By declaring war on a secret ruling elite that enslaves modern people, the conspiracy theorists invoke a lethal projection. The elite is identified as totalitarian, anti-democratic, contemptuous of the people; the people are portrayed as helpless, unsuspecting victims of viscous plots, alien abductions, implantation and all manner of personal violations…. Covert actions, violence, terrorism – all the means the elite stand accused of employing themselves – are permitted to the victims as well so they may exterminate the conspirators and recover their lost autonomy.’

This is why David Icke is a pin-up for some on the far-right but with his antisemitic ant-globalism he probably has more acolytes on the fringes of the far-left. Either way, he is undoubtedly a dangerous individual.

In The Robots Rebellion he borrowed heavily from Behold a Pale Horse by Bill Cooper – a UFO conspiracist who introduced Icke to The Protocols Of The Elders of Zion. The Protocols are a fabricated antisemitic document used by Czarist Russia to incite pogroms against the Jews in the early 20th century. (Much of Manchester’s Jewish community – including this author’s family – fled those very pogroms and found sanctuary in the city) In Germany, Hitler endorsed the Protocols and weaponised them. It was his Warrant for Genocide. This hideous document is the most malign and destructive conspiracy theory in human history. It was compulsory reading in schools for the Hitler Youth and instrumental in inciting the German people against the Jews. As historian Norman Cohn wrote in his book about the Protocols, “There exists a subterranean world where psychological fantasies disguised as ideas are churned out by crooks and half-educated fanatics for the benefit of the ignorant and the superstitious. There are times when this underworld emerges from the depths and suddenly fascinates, captures and dominates multitudes of usually sane and responsible people.

When asked about the Protocols Icke retorted, “Just because Hitler used the knowledge for negative reasons doesn’t reflect on the knowledge itself.” Indeed when Hitler himself was told beyond all doubt the Protocols were fabricated he responded, ‘Well that proves the Jews wrote it.’

The Robots Rebellion sold out and was reprinted twice. In his next books Icke began to flirt explicitly with Holocaust denial and lost his publishing deal as a result. In And The Truth Shall Set You Free Icke repeated his previous claims that the Protocols were true, and went on to state: “I strongly believe that a small Jewish clique which has contempt for the mass of Jewish people worked with non-Jews to create the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the Second World War…. They financed Hitler to power in 1933 and made the funds available for his rearmament.

He described the Nuremberg Trials as a ‘farce’ and went on.. “why do we play a part in suppressing alternative information to the official line of the Second World War? How is it right that while this fierce suppression goes on, free copies of the Spielberg film, Schindler’s List, are given to schools to indoctrinate children with the unchallenged version of events….The “All-Seeing” Jews, however, and their non-Jewish conspirators, use the smokescreen of “anti-Semitism” and the genuine suffering of real Jews to prevent investigation of their sinister activities.”

The internet is extremely thin on Icke’s antisemitism, apparently because no one can be bothered to trawl through his books and videos except the conspiracy theorists themselves. Will Offley has written a page on Public Eye and gathered more quotes from And The Truth Shall Set You Free; they can be found here.

That was back in February 2000 but precious little has been written about him in the intervening years. Since then Icke has immersed himself in anti-Zionist conspiracy theories, much of it from the Middle East, fusing them with old European antisemitic conspiracies of which there is an endless cultural reservoir. These days Icke’s Twitter timeline is heavily consumed by Zionism which he sees as the most malignant and destructive secret society on the planet.

After losing his publishing deal Icke was subsequently sued for defamtion in the US. He learned his lesson and has since avoided the word “Jewish” where possible. Instead; his books, videos and live shows refer to Rothschild Zionists, Kahazar/Sumerians/Ashkenazi or as he puts it in one of his recent texts The Global Conspiracy:- AshkeNAZI. In the same book he attempts to distance himself from his previous claims of a Jewish plot to control the world by saying there is a Jewish plot to control the world.

“I am not saying that there is a ‘Jewish’ plot to control the World. I am saying that their leading families are serious players in the reptilian bloodlines that have infiltrated all peoples and nations with the aim of manipulating themselves into power.”

How To Normalise a Fascist

Most recently Icke appeared on the BBC’s This Week as he embarked on his Wide Awake World Tour. He was asked about 9/11 and shape-shifting Lizards but any links to Neo-Nazi and neo-fascist groups were predictably ignored. Loathe as I am to criticise this programme; surely it would be prudent for politically high-brow shows such as This Week to hold Icke accountable for the extreme racial bigotry he propagates to sell-out crowds.

Much more menacing was an article published in the Independent during Icke’s last world tour. The journalist seems to have found the whole thing rather amusing, ‘It is all – largely – entertaining stuff, and clearly highly believable to many.’ Not one word in the article is given to the antisemitism explicit during said entertainment nor was it suggested that anti-vaccination conspiracy theories are inherently dangerous to the lives of children. All this and more was also ignored in a Mail online article published in July 2016.

Steve Mason, formerly of the sublime Beta Band, shows just how cool you can make Icke look. On his record Fight Them Back we hear an excerpt of David Icke talking about ‘reorganising society‘ spliced alongside Tony Blair saying ‘Libya is a goldmine of a country.’ Mason was challenged by one Twitter user at the time…


This is how Icke wins. How an audience at an Icke show will see right-on lefties sitting alongside far-right activists. It’s the conspiracy theory that glues these lost souls together with antisemitism the very marrow in their bones.

Pseudo-intellectual Russell Brand has broadcast several sycophantic conversations with Icke. Chummily discussing the nature of reality, media manipulation, globalisation; Icke is not only normalised, he is exalted as a heroic revolutionary crusader to Brand’s legion of fans; ‘I would concur David that most of us tend to live in a prescribed reality and that freedom is an illusion because freedom exists in such narrow parameters that ultimately we are enslaved by a very manipulative ideology.’  Brand is clearly far too intelligent to ask Icke about his support for Bashar-al-Assad and Vladimir Putin, his anti-abortion, anti-vaccination articles, his climate change denial, his support for the NRA, his conviction that the current migrant wave has purposefully been engineered to eradicate the native cultures of Europe. Russell Brand shows that if you’re ‘right-on’ you can be as racist as Nick Griffin on a particularly racisty day. It seems anything goes if you’re against the system.


Icke’s current world tour began in Australia in July. The Sydney Morning Herald is one of the rare media outlets who gave Icke his due.  Ori Golan penned an article explaining what shouldn’t have to be explained… ‘A person who writes such things and makes home videos titled The Lizards and the Jews and Zionism, the cause of World Mayhem*, is not just a nut job; that person is anti-Semitic.’

The Mainstream

Russell Brand lucidly demonstrates how Icke is so successful. Given the populist political climate of the hour, anti-establishment sentiment can propel bizarre fringe beliefs into the mainstream. And Icke does appear in the mainstream. Only recently the video of Eva Bartlett and the degenerate conspiracy theories surrounding the White Helmets in Syria were shared on social media by people with otherwise relatively mainstream beliefs.

Eva Bartlett has appeared on David Icke’s show which Louise Proyect discussed in a recent article “This sort of toxic sludge can be found in a number of Assadist websites that combine 9/11 theories with unending and often ludicrous attempts to smear Syrian rebels as perpetrators of “false flag” incidents, including VoltaireNet, Off-Guardian and Global Research. That they overlap with outright fascist platforms such as Infowars and David Icke’s website should have provoked some soul-searching long ago.”

Icke on Syria:

Assad is a tyrant oppressing his people! Does anyone really believe that!?  The story that we must help the people of Syria is frickin’ bollocks.

On Hilary Clinton:

Hilary is another cocaine user (of course) and a lesbian.”
In Icke’s book Global Conspiracy he alleges that Hilary Clinton uses female sex slaves and is turned on by female genital mutilation.

On Jo Cox:

That dead person is being deified out of all proportion… Today, with her body barely cold, her husband Brendan Cox is tweeting out a Go Fund Me link to his wife’s favourite causes…The White Helmets. The White Helmets are the military propaganda arm of the Allies attempt at regime change by destabilising Syria.”

(Not uncommon discourse in mainstream politics these days)

Icke has published nearly 50 articles in the past six months in support of Vladimir Putin.

Piers Corbyn has appeared several times on David Icke’s nightly radio programme – The Richie Allen Show. Piers, who also publicly shares platforms with Holocaust Deniers seems to have much in common with Icke and is doing his brother no favours at all by validating Icke’s theories. Peter Tatchell, amongst many others, has appeared on the same show.

Richie Allen marked Holocaust Memorial Day 2016 by inviting Holocaust denier Nick Kollerstrom on his show where he stated that 200,000 Jews died in the Holocaust and that there is ‘no trace of any extermination policy, no trace of any scorn or contempt towards for example Jews in the camps, they’re described in a perfectly respectful manner.’

The Labour Party

What internal crisis in a major British political party in 2016 could propel David Icke to intervene?

If you said Labour’s antisemitism crisis you win a falafel.

These images are from articles on Icke’s website published in the last year.

Alongside his website The David Icke Forum is a crucible for extreme conspiracy theorists to discuss evil plots and their machinates. Ruth Smeeth, the Labour MP who has received over 25,000 antisemitic and misogynistic messages in the past year, including long explicit death threats from far-left and far-right activists, has several pages of hate dedicated to her on Icke’s rancid forum. (There is a direct corollary between misogyny and racial hatred with female Jewish MP’s suffering far more abuse than their male counterparts) Good and brave people like Ruth Smeeth are feeling the real-life consequences of the cauldron of hatred whipped up by these frenzied maniacs who congregate in the cesspit of Icke’s website.

Live Show

His last tour The Lion Sleeps contains a 25 minute section of explicit antisemitic anti-Zionism, which if you can stomach – not recommended – is available here.

A small portion of the antisemitic images that Icke uses in his live show

His current show promises to be much worse. The trailer for his new show is over ten minutes in length during which he cannily avoids references to otherworldly reptilian phenomena. Only at the end are we briefly shown this image:


All powerful.

Not human.


Sound familiar?

This is how Nazis portrayed the Jews; except the rats have become lizards, a new twist on an old theme. These memes and modes of thought don’t just simply vanish.

What’s To Be Done

Make a fuss. Take the man at his word. Take him seriously. He means what he says, he is a doyen of antisemitism and a purveyor of our darkest ideologies. He is a hate preacher.

I’ll defend Icke’s right to say what he wants but cannot defend Jewish community leaders and anti-racist organisations who remain passive in the face of overt antisemitic grandstanding in their community. But this doesn’t just concern Jews. This concerns feminists, ethnic minorities of all persuasions, anti-fascists, anti-racists, Syrians, people who don’t want the memory of Jo Cox sullied and her husband abused, environmentalists, in short: anyone who wants to be a member of the Anti-Stupid Party.

David Icke is performing a sold-out show at The Manchester Apollo on Saturday 14th January followed by a show in Ireland and then a European tour plus two shows in Canada.

I’m currently reading the 2007 book David Icke’s Guide to the Global Conspiracy – or as I’ve come to know it Mein Kampf for Dummies. Whether Icke contravenes hate-speech laws or not is of little concern; I believe good arguments will never chase out bad ones if we refuse to have them. But the line is drawn at incitement. Given that the Global Conspiracy referred to in the title of his book is mostly being enacted by Jews, it’s worth pausing for a moment and taking in the books’ complete title:

The David Icke Guide to The Global Conspiracy: And How To End It.

For now I’ll leave you in the safe, warm hands of Christopher Hitchens speaking in 2007 at the Jewish Literature Festival:

“Antisemitism is a very, very serious cultural danger, and it’s only a fool who thinks that it is a threat only to Jews. Antisemitism is a very, very toxic threat to everything we can decently call ‘civilization’… If someone says they don’t like West Indians, because of their — I don’t know what it might be — their music. Or they don’t like Indians because of the smell of their cooking. Or they don’t like Koreans for their Kimchi — whatever it might be. Every minority and majority in the world has a version of this kind of prejudice.

But, as Freud pointed out, they’ll all sink their differences when it comes to the Jews. And with the Jews it’s not their cooking or their sex lives or any of this, and it’s not just vulgar prejudice about skin color or smell.

It’s a theory.

It’s a paranoid theory that tries to explain quite a lot. It’s fascinated with gold, with secret documents, with missing codices in ancient treaties, with the idea of an invisible and secret government. It’s a very, very, very dangerous, pseudo-intellectual prejudice.”

(The full conversation is available here)

Marlon Solomon – Jan 2017


*The Lizards and the Jews and the Zionists the Cause of World Mayhem… was in fact the Youtube title of a Jon Ronson documentary on David Icke and not a film by David Icke as stated in the essay. Instead David Icke has films called Rothschild Zionists, World War III and the New World Order.

The Livingstone Fall Out

The Home Affairs Select Committee report, into modern antisemitism in the UK is a robust and damning indictment of it’s current culture; with a justified focus on its’ inexorable rise in the Labour Party. The report exposes the lack of understanding of modern antisemitism, it’s current prevalence and importantly states how ‘the unique nature of antisemitism requires a unique response.’

Jeremy Corbyn’s response has been to claim that the Home Affairs report is biased and has a ‘disproportionate emphasis on Labour.’

Dear Jeremy,

There wouldn’t be a Home Affairs report into antisemitism if Her Majesty’s opposition hadn’t suspended up to 50 members (many of them elected) for alleged antisemitism since you became leader.

Kind Regards

Nearly Everyone Else

If I could add one thing to this substantial report it would be on the rise new Left-wing media sites that have cropped up in the last year. Whilst the criticism of Twitter’s inertia on hate speech is welcome it may have been appropriate to discuss antisemitic narratives propagated in new left-wing media.

The Labour Party now lauds itself as being the biggest left-wing political party in Europe. It has over half a million members; over 300000 of which voted for the current leader in the last internal election. The Labour leadership is rarely shy of refracting its’ low opinion polls towards the huge mandate; yet it cowers and hides from the added responsibilities and issues such a change brings.

From the evidence on social media  – there is a sizeable proportion of the mandate (including elected officials) that have little or no understanding of Jewish history,  Jewish culture and Jewish sensitivities. Jews make up less than 0.5% of the UK population. Nearly half this country will go to their graves having never knowingly met a Jewish person. To many people there is simply nothing more ‘other’ than Jew.

Many new members of the Labour Party became disaffected with The Mainstream Media and began to feast exclusively on alt. left media outlets. Suddenly there was a surge in popularity for more outlets that were exclusively pro-Corbyn and numerous Canary copycat sites appeared. The Canary itself went from being a blog with 10000 subscribers to a news source that regularly gets over 300,000 readers per story, in less than a year.

To demonstrate how new Left-wing media has propagated antisemitic discourse I am a useful case study. I used Twitter rarely and my Facebook feed was mostly constructed from mainstream left-wing political opinion and pictures of new-born babies.  Then Livingstone opened his big mouth and suddenly a flood of very dubious material appeared on my Facebook feed. Over nine years on Facebook and I hadn’t seen anything I would deem antisemitic. I have Muslim friends and others who campaign for Palestinian rights and frequently post on this matter yet never once felt any of this to be antisemitic. Unbalanced? Sometimes, yes. However I knew it was coming from the right place and I also knew that they took care to avoid antisemitic tropes.

This changed overnight post-Livingstone and it didn’t come from people I knew who had previously been vocal about Palestine, it came instead from newly politicised members of the Labour Party who had never, to my knowledge, been actively involved in Israel/Palestine or any Jewish issues until this point.

I followed their journey…










And finally the journey was complete.

It is a tribute to the endless cultural reservoir of antisemitism which exists on and offline that it is able to vault new adherents to such extremist positions in a matter of weeks. It is tribute to the perpetual nature of this ancient prejudice. It is a tribute to those who want us to forget what a dangerous pseudo-intellectual hatred antisemitism is.

“The French government claims it wants to prevent ISIS, a US and Israeli creation, from gaining access to videos of the attacks for the purposes of propaganda.

Israel-based Nice System operates all the 5,000 CCTV cameras in several French cities including Nice.

Richard Gutjahr, who filmed the Nice carnage, is a German Zionist Christian who studied in Germany, France and United States. He is married to former Israeli Mossad agent and Knesset member Lieutenant Dr. Einat Wilf. She is a senior fellow with the Jewish People Policy Institute, an adjunct fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), and a roving global ambassador for Israel Hasbara Committee.


The problem for the Labour Party is that these sites are pro-antisemitism and vociferously pro-Corbyn. They are numerous and growing.

Final example is a new site called Evolve Politics that appeared on my Facebook feed a few weeks ago. As usual it’s pro-Corbyn/anti-Tory/anti-austerity with the odd conspiracy thrown in the mix. It’s a few months old and already has 70000 readers. It is not a conspiracy site yet it posted something that can only be described as a Holocaust denial initiation ceremony.


Here it is promoted on new left-wing site Evolve Politics


Here it is promoted on Neo-Nazi site Veterans Today.

As Christopher Hitchens deftly put it, ‘These guys will sink all their differences when it comes to the Jews.

Is there anything to be done? Possibly. If a site is found to have continual racist material, which is beyond the pale, it should be blacklisted for elected politicians who are culpable if they promote such sites on social media. This includes articles which are not racist but come from blacklisted sites. It may also make alternative media sites think harder about their content. Then again, I might also grow a third testicle.

Even after all the focus on antisemitism a Labour councillor still felt it appropriate to post this two weeks ago:


This is something you’re most likely to find on an extreme-right noticeboard or a David Icke show. Instead of just suspending this councillor it would be worth blacklisting this highly antisemitic site for all elected officials of the Labour Party. Could it be done?

A final thought on the report itself:

In 2006 sociologist David Hirsh created the Livingstone Formulation,

The key elements of the Livingstone Formulation are as follows:

  1. To refuse to discuss the content of the accusation by shifting focus instead onto the hidden motive for the allegation.
  2. To make a counter-accusation that the accuser is not mistaken, has not made an error of judgment, but is getting it wrong on purpose.
  3. To collapse everything, some of which may be demonization of Israel, support for boycott, or antisemitism, into a legitimate category like ‘criticism’.
  4. To allege that those who raise the issue of antisemitism are doing so as part of a common secret plan to silence such ‘criticism’.

To see this in action one need only read the first page of the Home Affairs report: ‘A survey of Labour Party members who joined after the 2015 General Election found that 55% agreed with the notion that antisemitism is “not a serious problem at all, and is being hyped up to undermine Labour and Jeremy Corbyn, or to stifle legitimate criticism of Israel”’

The Canary Ate My Hamster

To know what an inflammatory issue the Arab-Israeli conflict is, is to know that there are those who have already dismissed these words because of my use of the word ‘conflict’. That’s where we are.

The policing on both sides of this issue is so fiercely enforced that I have always been wary of entering into it with either side, and most of all this includes my parents who are pro-Israel to the point where discussing it could ruin yet another Christmas:

“You cannot say ‘we made the desert bloom’ anymore. THIS IS 2016!”


“Pass the stuffing.”

But that is not what this is about.

However, seeing as this post involves Israel – and my surname is a tad Semitic – I better lay my ideological cards on the table:

*deep breath*

I support the Palestinian right to self-determination; I stand for a peace that includes security for both Palestinian and Jewish people alike. I stand against Israeli right-wing expansionist policy, (pretty much any right-wing policy) and heavy-handed military reprisals. I also stand against Hamas who do not have the best interests of their people at heart and quote The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion in their manifesto. As Hitler used this fabricated document as his warrant for genocide, I’m just not that into it.

*and exhale*

It’s an extremely simplified position but that’s roughly where I stand on Israel/Palestine – in the wishy-washy middle –  so what’s the point in entering into the debate when all I can offer is an unwanted lecture on tolerance and a two-state  solution?

Pass the sprouts.

Recently I began to feel the need to become more involved as a few ‘items’ started appearing on my Facebook feed which were overtly or covertly antisemitic. I needed to know why.

Having been on Facebook for nine years I had never seen anything apart from legitimate criticism of Israel so it came as something as a shock.  Antisemitism is often hidden and thus unknowingly propagated so the cause can require a little excavating to get to the nub. Most of the routes in seem to revolve around conspiracy theories but there are other less travelled roads and thus a few days ago I found myself reading The Canary.

the canary

The Canary is an alternative online news publication. It was founded by Kerry-Anne Mendoza who is on the radical left and an activist in the Occupy movement. The Canary was originally a blog called Scriptonite Daily which had nearly 10000 subscribers. It morphed into a news website after Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the opposition in order to put some positive spin on the man who was getting flayed alive by The Mainstream Media (MSM).  All fair enough.

Whatever anyone’s feeling about  Jeremy Corbyn there is no doubt that he was stigmatised by an extremely hostile media – particularly in those first few months. Thus it is rational that his supporters should look elsewhere for the news. However that is where my diplomacy ends. After reading a disturbing story in Private Eye a few days ago and doing a little research, I found The Canary to be nothing better than what I would expect from a Paul Dacre rag. I must say at this point there will be no political point scoring about Jeremy Corbyn here…

That is not what this is about.

To sum up the Private Eye article:-  it condemns The Canary for using ‘click-bait’ to lure traffic from tabloid newspapers to their own site, basically using the same deceitful tactics employed by the publications they profess to be against. It goes on to say that journalists on The Canaryturn tricks for clicks’ so employees get paid in direct correlation to how much traffic their article receives. Not how truthful, insightful or accurate their reporting is. The Eye also mentions one of the Canary’s leading journalists posting a series of anti-Jewish tweets and – as has become almost a daily ritual – I perform an epically long sigh.

The tweets come from The Canary’s own ‘firebrand’ journalist Steve Topple who is also a member of The Trade Union and Socialist Coalition.
Here are just a few of his greatest hits:



Topple 1

Over a series of three years 2013-2015 he posted tweets that are obscenely antisemitic. As a committed conspiracy theorist he found himself hobnobbing with Neo-Nazis and far right morons.

As all antisemites on the left quickly find out, they end up having more in common with the far right than they do with their own. You can find out more about him and his twitter mates here but that is only for those with strong stomachs.

After three years of racism Mr. Topple apologised. I believe his apology, just a shame it came at around the same time his journalistic career moved on to things.

Referring to his tweets he opines… ‘they have appeared to be disparaging to Jewish people.’ Not that they were disparaging, they just appeared so. I don’t believe that needs any further comment.

So next I wanted to take a look at yer actual Canary. First article was about Israel.

It’s headline:

Israel is paying Facebook to spread a cruel lie about the Palestinians

You can read the Canary article here but to summarise:
The Israeli government have arrested Waheed Borsh who works for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The Israeli’s claim that Borsh has been subverting money from a vital aid programme and giving it to Hamas to make weapons instead of rebuilding houses.

The article moves on to mention Israel itself; mainly the killing of 2000 people during the conflict in Gaza two years ago and also dismisses accusations that Hamas are a terrorist organisation. Although I would like to comment on the latter claim, I am not taking issue with anything the article says about the situation in Gaza or Hamas…

You see, that is not what this is about.

From what I already knew about this story, coupled with a little research from such unfashionable sources as The Independent, I pieced together what we actually know for sure:

We know the guy has been arrested. We know the Israelis say there is evidence to show that he’s guilty. We know that Hamas says it’s a lie. We know the UN demands a fair trial. We know the UNDP is concerned but have doubts that as much as $22 million has been siphoned. That’s all we know, so how do we come to an informed decision?

Well we can’t. That’s the point. Unless we see the evidence and come to said decision.

The reason I am so interested in this article is that it actually seems quite a unifying story in a sense. Let’s say the man in question is guilty; it would be in the best interests of the Palestinian people to find out where their aid has gone whilst it’s in the best interests of Israel to stop Hamas arming itself. Palestinians and Israelis sharing a common interest? Sounds good to me. But gleefully not for The Canary. They claim the guy is innocent and the Israeli’s are lying. How do they know? They don’t, of course. So The Canary is lying and in the process they have taken a potentially unifying cause and used it drive people further apart on what is already the most polarised issue on planet Earth. I think that’s pretty despicable. The Canary is not a solution to the problem, it is a perpetuation of it.

Or maybe not, because the Canary article goes on to say:
But despite the Israeli authorities’ assertive language, ‘indicted’ does not mean ‘convicted’. It means he is accused of the deed, but it is still to be proven that the deed was done.’

Well that’s alright then.

Until you remember that the headline says it is ‘A cruel lie.’ That’s some double-think right there.

The UN have demanded an open and transparent fair trial. The Independent  reported:

‘Responding on Monday to the Israeli indictment against Mr Halabi, the U.N. Coordinator for Humanitarian Aid and Development Activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Robert Piper, called for a fair and transparent trial.

“If proven by a due legal process, these actions deserve unreserved condemnation; Gaza’s demoralized and vulnerable citizens deserve so much better,” he said in a statement.

Well can’t we all at least agree on that?

Also, The Canary only wants to discuss the issue of ‘rubble’ stolen but doesn’t mention any of the money that has allegedly been pilfered. Why?

Amusingly, The Canary article has numerous hyperlinks which keep going back to the same two publications… The Guardian and The Independent – seems they’d be a bit lost without MSM.

Although they are lying and sensationalising, I do not expect folk to feel sorry for Israel because of a smear, far from it.

That is not what this is about.

I think we can assume that some Canary readers take it all with a huge pinch of salt but many clearly use it as replacement for and a reaction against MSM. This may be understandable because of the Corbyn-bashing but is nevertheless not without it’s peril.

Back to the article in question which we’ve deconstructed to a point where we know what’s true, what’s conjecture and what’s a lie. Next question. What is the ‘cruel lie’ being spread about The Palestinian ‘people’? One man has been arrested and charged with an offence. How is that a lie about an entire people as the headline suggests? Talk about inciting hatred…

But sadly it’s far worse than that. The most damning indictment of the whole enchilada is summed up by the opening four words of the headline which I want to take another look at…

Israel is paying Facebook to spread a cruel lie about the Palestinians

So I clicked on the hyperlink on The Canary article and found myself on the Facebook homepage of The Israeli Ministry of Home Affairs.

Well, that was a first.

Now, large professional institutions spend money on social media to get information in the public domain. Political institutions spend money on social media to get information into the public domain. My band pays money to social media to promote our next gig. What is the story here?

Finally we have arrived – well we never really left – at the most vile and despicable trope of all… ‘Israel Is Paying Facebook’ Well of course it pays Facebook! Who doesn’t? It is a sponsored post. Whalley Range Liberal Democrats have a sponsored post. Give me strength.

The problem is that it is purposefully pandering to the most pernicious form of antisemitism. The Jews control the media… that strain again. The Jews control the media, the Jews control the banks, the Jews control my bum.

It recently hit home to me how many people believe or half-believe various bizarre antisemitic conspiracy theories. Sadly there is a prevalence of these beliefs with people who have become disenfranchised with MSM and thus seeking information in dark, dangerous and often intensely antisemitic avenues. If you don’t know, pretty much all conspiracy theories end up at Jew. Jews did 9/11, ISIS stands for Israel Secret Intelligence Service and the mother of them all… The Protocols of The Elders of Zion – a fabricated document published by counter revolutionaries in Russia in 1919. It contributed to Jews being murdered and driven out of their homes during the Pogroms, a contributing factor for my family, who fled to Manchester from Lithuania in 1919.

The document is the minutes of a meeting (which they mislaid – oops)  between the most prominent Jews in the world in 1897, whereby they set out their vision for world domination, control of the banks and the media. It was used by Hitler as his warrant for genocide and belief in this gross fabrication is once again on the rise. People really believe this guff. They walk with us.

As an example; yesterday I confronted the worst offender I know – he believes that 1.25 million Jews died in The Holocaust, that American Jewry orchestrated the whole thing and in fact wanted it to happen  – but more on that another time.
But yes. Really. That’s where virtually all conspiracy theories end up folks, there’s no way around it. Jew, Jew, Jew.

Back to The Canary. Until last year one of their leading journalists Steve Topple was a ‘truther’ who believed all kinds of these racist and crazy conspiracy theories involving Jews. The Canary knows that people who paddle in the pool of Alternative History do so outside The Mainstream Media. The Canary knows what it is doing when it’s first four words are ‘Israel Is Paying Facebook’ because remember, that is not what the story is about!

The Canary knows that it is click-bait for people who believe what it’s own ‘firebrand’ journalist Steve Topper believes/used to believe.

The Canary knows what its doing when it writes this headline.

The author of the piece, Carlyn Harvey, says she is attracted to The Canary because she…  ‘has been struck by the mainstream media’s ability to be as creative with their reporting as she is in her fiction.

I am not saying Carlyn Harvey’s headline or article is antisemitic. But I am saying it panders to antisemitic tropes and it does it knowingly, wilfully and deceitfully.

That is what this is about.

It is gutter gutter journalism and it gives me the same sick feeling I get when I see a headline like The Man Who Hated Britain or Asylum Seekers Go Home. The Canary is playing to the gallery, and the gallery is full of conspiracy theorists and antisemites. My well-meaning friends in the stalls need take note.

I am not against alternative media whatsoever, I just see The Canary 
as The Daily Mail in a different guise.

Former Canary writers interviewed by Buzzfeed said…
‘“You can earn anything from £100 to £4,000 month depending on how viral you go.”

He was also “uneasy about some of the hyperbolic headlines the editors were asking us to come up with for our articles”, which he found “a little embarrassing” and called The Canary’s business model “hyper-capitalistic.”’

The Canary is the answer to The Mainstream Media if the question is: can you find an alternative news stream that is more dangerous and corrupt than The Mainstream Media?