Luciana Berger and The Two Minutes Hate

A Jewish female Labour MP has been hounded out of the Labour Party by antisemites, the records will show that, and in my view it will take a generation to wash the stain off.

The Ballad of Mike Sivier

The absurdity of Labour's antisemitism issue is elucidated in no more clearer terms than the spectre of pro-Corbyn journalists writing articles claiming antisemitism in Labour is being manufactured subsequently being suspended from Corbyn's Labour for antisemitism.

Is David Icke Britain’s Leading Antisemite?

If David Icke is not Britain’s leading antisemite I am yet to come across anybody else who is preaching the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to thousands of bewitched followers in sold-out arenas in Britain. Former footballer and sports presenter David Icke has been Britain’s leading conspiracy theorist for decades; hugely popular throughout the world and … Continue reading Is David Icke Britain’s Leading Antisemite?